Payday is the greatest day of the year - unless we have the rib sandwich on sale. Yes indeed, nothing is finer than tasting that delicious payday.

Payday - I Heart $

Remember how good it felt to make it all the way through the mud, the muck, the blood and the slime - to payday? Remember knowing that things would be alright with all that powerful cash? Remember chicken nuggets? Remember innocence? Gone, all of it gone with the arrival of payday loans. We've lost our innocence, replaced it with an undying hunger for more and more money right now.

Payday is gone, gone gone with the wind

Here at Payday loans To Go the let us listen to the radio as we flip the payday loan on the fryer - my personal favorite is Skynard. Skynard rules and I'll tussle with anyone who says otherwise. And I like Skynard so much because they bring me back to those bygone days where payday was king and worries were a dime a dozen, instead of $20 per $100 worth of worry.

What am I talking about man? I've been in the kitchen too long! Too long I've been back here cooking up payday financing for the hungry, cash starved masses. Maybe the weight of it all has finally crushed my brain? Maybe if I think about one more payday advance I'll rip off this apron and hit the road on the Skynard reunion? Maybe, maybe maybe. Always maybe. The whole world surrounding payday loans is always maybe:

  • Maybe you'll take care of your financial obligations, or maybe you'll come up a little short.
  • Maybe you'll have enough steam to repay your advance on time, or maybe you'll roll over the repayment for another two weeks.
  • Maybe the next time you'll make these payday advances work to your advantage, or maybe we're all just stuck in the cycle, stuck in a thought process of the past for loan of the future.

Too many maybes, and now its time to get back to our roots and start making thinks work until payday.

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