Payday Loans

These are an incredibly greasy financial product. Its no wonder the guys who stand around slinging advances all day wind up so slippery.

Payday Loans And The Greased Up Cook

Fry cooks are an important cog to any fast food business - grab a few patties out of the freezer, shove 'em in grease and let the good times sizzle! Fast finance is all the same. Do you think the place where you apply for financia relief is the actual originator for these loans? No way! There are some major financial forces taking part in the industry - they keep hidden to keep their images clean, but their profits are just as dirty as our faces.

Why they don't want to be associated with borrowing

Banks are among the leading whistle-blowers when it comes to advances. Every day you hear a bank stepping forward to voice their disgust about the industry, about how high rates are and how unfortunate it is that millions of Americans are desperately poor because of their debt addictions. How sad...yet how profitable. These same banks are the actual forces behind most loans today, and while they gladly reap the rewards there is no way they are going to assume the blame. And they don't have to - blame is universal.

Its a perfect financial system

When you apply for financial relief you are dealing with just a small lender - in most cases some strange man working directly out of his romper room. These guys don't care about any of the bad press or crying masses around their unsecured loans - they're too busy playing golf or fixing their Ferraris or buying more implants for yet another wife. You face these small lenders, and they deal covertly with the banks - they get the money directly from them, and your funds are wired into your account form the bank., not your lender. The lender pays the bank a fee and the original loan balance - and if you repay your loan on time thee lender actually doesn't make a lot of profit. But when over 95% of all people fail to repay their balances on time or in full, the late fees, the roll-over charges, the penalties - all to the lender.

So blame the banks all you want to and they will point to your lender. Blame your lender, but he's so legally protected that he'll just laugh you off. Nope, all you can do is look right in the mirror and blame yourself for taking out personal loans against your paycheck in the first place. Insightful, no no, it really isn't - probably why Im in here, flipping no fax advances over the fryer.

Hey, its a job, and I get a payday just like you.

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