Personal Loans

These services can be made to order and customized to your specifications. Depending upon your specific needs you should only apply for a certain kind of personal loans.

Personal Loans - You Want Fries With That?

Ahhh...another day another dollar. I knew there was a reason I came into work today - cash. Cash money, moolah, the benjamins, sweet stuff, American green, personal loans. Personal what? Oh yeah - Im at work, forgot where I was for a second! RIght right right...Ok! Welcome to the ultimate lending resource, it is our pleas...pleasure to serve you, to serve you today. Have you tried our vast assortment of advances? No? Well let me...introduce you to...them!

Personal loans are a whole new world

Im not to good at reading from the script, do you mind if I lay it down for you just real fast then we'll get you your funds that much faster? Great. These services are just short change man, just small amounts of cash that you can access any time:

  • You don't need good credit because the lenders don't run credit checks - the faster they can get their product to more people, the better for them. How else do you think billions of people have been served unless it wasn't really fast.
  • All you need to qualify for approval is a steady job and a direct deposit feature on your checking account - hey! You can get both of that working here! Let me go back and get you an Ok man, but the hours are great and you get all the financial information you want.
  • Which reminds me, most people take out more than one advance a year - yeah, we're all kind of hooked on them.

They taste so bad and they're so bad for you and yet no one really seems to care in the slightest. Guess its just because there isn't any other way to get your hands on fast cash that isn't yours except for running the gauntlet with those unsecured loans! Yup - I'm guessing that in just a few years there'll be lending solutions just about on every corner and on every page on the Internet - and they say I'm gonna work up to manager! Manager! Me! Can you believe that?

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