Faxless Payday Loan

This service will be fast, but it won't be as satisfying as a loan where you fax. There is just something missing with a faxless payday loan...

Faxless Payday Loan - Microwave Cookery

The trend in the lending business has always been for greater and greater speed:

  • We all moved our stores online to offer online applications for an online loan.
  • We did away with the credit check - anyone can apply! - making the approvals process extremely fast and incredibly easy to pass through.
  • The push now is for greater speed during the application - hence the service, and may the great grease gods have mercy on us all.

Because a fax is basically an essential part to an honest application, giving the lender security that the person information you provided is correct and your income accurate. With an advance lenders are actually demanding more overall time in the process. How? We'll show you.

The great borrowing mistake

The reasons for borrowing are simple enough - it saves time on application, money for the borrower, and encourages more people to apply. But what they aren't telling us is that since you are applying for financial relief, the same checks and balances that were made through the fax are now made in other ways - specifically phone calls to your employer.

So what? What do I care if my employer knows I'm applying for financial relief - maybe it'll show 'em that i really do need that raise! Indeed - but imagine what calling your employer demands. Time!

  • If you apply any time after business hours the phone call will not take place until the next business day.
  • Then your lender has to get in contact with the people who actually know your paycheck - not the boss, but the accounting department. You're boss won't even know you are applying.
  • This is a phone call, meaning humans are needed, meaning human laze and mistakes can take place.

Apply for relief and you might save a few bucks on the fax,, but you are significantly increase the time it takes for the lender to approve your application.

When faxless makes perfect

The only time a faxless loan makes sense is when its provided to clients returning to the same lender - repeat customers who order the exact same thing. They walk through that cyber-door and we already know their order and have it cooking. A special service for special clients - thats how faxless is supposed to be.

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