Online Cash Advance

An online loan is a one time deal. You cannot come up to your lender when you are finished and ask for a refill on your loan.

Online Cash Advance - No Free Refills, No Refills At All

Nothing beats a nice cool cup of cash when you are really feeling the heat - except maybe two cups, the second cup free from that glorious invention called free refills. Its a mainstay to the American fast food industry - but that does not mean it carries over to your loan.

No free nothing with this route

As a matter of fact, there are no refills period for as long as you hold onto the funds. Only when you consume and completely repay your first cash advance will you be able to qualify for another one - and thats a good thing, you don't want to drink too much of this stuff. Caffeine and sugar are nothing compared to the sweet financial boost available through online cash advances. Its addictive, and its a financial chemical addiction that you cannot stop and cannot avoid unless you are 100% careful.

Fearing the service

Yes! Our intent here at Payday Loans To Go is to tell you everything we know about borrowing, and when we say addiction is possible we mean addiction is possible.

  • Once you use your online advance its over - no coming back for seconds. You can't even get a cheap deal on more cash to fill up your loan - pay up or get out.
  • So you pay up - you need more fast money to feed your greed and you dedicate a significant portion of your next paycheck to that repayment.
  • It proves to be too much of your paycheck, and once again you fall behind your bills. Now you need another online cash advance but this time its a matter of life or death.

Your emergencies compound when you attach yourself to the service. Over 95% of all applicants are return applicants - will you be another statistic?

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